Set sail for Martinique, the Island of Flowers

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In the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is a volcanic island dominated by Mount Pelee. Known for its heavenly beaches with clear waters and its rivers and waterfalls hidden in the forest, this enchanting harmony will leave you speechless.

The island of flowers offers incredible crystalline lagoons and green land forms. With 350 km of coastline, this volcanic island is ideally located in the heart of the Lesser Antilles, between Dominica in the north and Saint Lucia in the south. The west coast is sheltered from the winds and made up of numerous bays, including that of Fort-de-France. Idyllic coves lined with coconut palms, such as the coves of Arlet. With its wild creeks and islets with lush vegetation… sailing is more delicate on the Atlantic coast which is wild and carved and punctuated by magnificent shoals and white sandbanks. Martinique is the ideal place to start diving.

Visit Martinique

  • Area: 1.128 km²
  • Inhabitants: 387.000
  • Language: French, Creole
  • Currency: Euro


Martinique welcomes visitors the entire year with average temperatures of 30 degrees and water temperatures of around 27 degrees. Before booking check to see if you trip falls in the rainy season. Beginning in June till the end of November. But don’t worry,  even if it does rain daily, it never lasts longer than 30 minutes so it won’t ruin your trip.

What’s special about Martinique

A mixture of tropical in the North and a hot Southern tip. To the north of the island you will find volcanoes and rainforest and in the south you can head for the white sand beaches with a view over the neighboring island, Saint Lucia.

Martinique unites French architecture with Caribbean life. The mix between French and Caribbean culture and French and Creole language gives the small island a uniquely special flair.

At Martinique you can find numerous islands that are perfect for an adventure. Hire a boat and set sail and explore your surroundings.


The Islands Must-See’s

Mini Sacre-Coeur: Why travel to Paris to see Montmartre when you discover the replica “Sacré-Coeur De La Balata” during a holiday in the Caribbean and later on relax on one of the beautiful beaches.

Motagne Pelée: The volcano Motagne Pelée is at 1.397 Meters, the highest point on the island. Since the last eruption period between 1929 and 1932, the volcano is inactive and a popular hiking destination.

Strand Saint-Anne: When you picture a dreamy Caribbean beach, this is exactly what you would imagine; Palm trees, white beaches, coconuts and cocktails.

Boating Tips

  • Marina Le Marin: The professionally equipped marina is perfectly adapted to the needs of sailors and explorers.
  • Take a trip to the neighboring island of Saint Lucia or head to the wild Dominica!
  • Take a discovery tour à la Robinson Cruso! Whether it’s a 14-day island cruise along the Grenadines, a day’s rest discovering the uninhabited islands near Le Francois or exploring the La Caravelle nature reserve.

Why the Island of Flowers?

The name of the island was once Madinina, which means flower island and is still used by the locals even today. The colorful exotic flowers have given the island this name. Everywhere you will find the flame trees, these are beautiful small shrubs with red flowers. Even frangipani with white flowers and yellow cassava are not hard to find. During a hike you are likely to cross flowerpots and wild orchids. Martinique has a beautiful and colorful landscape that everyone should experience!

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