Discover Amalfi, Italy’s brightest gem

Italy is the place to be if you crave for a boating experience that combines breathtaking landscapes, basking in the Mediterranean sun and rich history and culture to immerse yourself into. One of the most beautiful parts of the country  is the Amalfi coast, a long stretch of around 50 miles of shoreline that includes dramatic rock formations, picturesque villages and sandy beaches. Sailing in Amalfi is your chance to grab your slice of Italian dolce vita this summer!

sail in Amalfi

Sail in Amalfi, Italy’s most famous coast

The city of Amalfi, once a maritime powerhouse along with Venice and Genoa, is a popular summer gateway, attracting Italian and foreign tourists. As most Italian cities, it is home to an impressive duomo (cathedral) and a vibrant city centre lending itself to a spending spree. Its traditional white houses, perched on the hillside, make a lovely sight from the deck of a boat docked at the city’s port. Coppola Marina-Dock, facing the Gulf of Salerno, has 300 berths and can host yachts of up to 35 meters, so it’s an ideal starting point for your trip if you sail in Amalfi.

Visit Amalfi

From Amalfi you can set sail for on one-week trip to explore every corner of the meandering coastline, where you will be mesmerised by the sight of dramatic cliffs landing gracefully on the sea. Interesting spots to visit if you sail in Amalfi include the Fjord of Furore, a popular meeting point for yachts,  Conca Dei Marini, a small town where you can admire from the sea Sophia Loren’s splendorous villa, and the famous Emerald Grotto, a wonder of nature where the day of light meets the azure waters of the Med to create magic reflections. Last but not least, there is Punto Campanella, a promontory that marks the border between the Amalfi and the Sorrento coast. It’s also an ideal starting point for a one-day trip to the cosmopolitan island of Capri.

Discover the picturesque villages of Praiano and Positano

Several small villages dot the Amalfi coast, either perched on the cliffs or along the shoreline between Sorrento and Salerno.  The pastel colours of the houses contrast the electric blue of the sea and the bright green of the surrounding nature, bringing to life to one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Italy.

Explore Amalfi

Dock at one of the seaside villages and stroll around for a sip of limoncello or a scoop of locally made gellato (ice cream). We recommend visiting Atrani, a rather small fishing village, and Praiano, another picturesque  village by the sea.

The most famous village on the coast is Positano, a collection of villas of all colours and hues, spectacularly perched on the hill. If you are into shopping, it might be worth spending a day or two here, as the town is home to several boutiques by famous Italian designers. Not far from Positano are located the idyllic Li Galli Islands, a resort and underwater nature reserve that once belonged to the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Legend has it that this is the island from where the sirens tried to lure Ulysses and other unfortunate sailors. Not a big surprise, given Amalfi’s enchanting beauty.

Rent a boat in Positano




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