Travel Guide: Things to do in Sardinia

things to do in Sardinia

Discover the best things to do in Sardinia with our Travel Guide

Known for its clear water and pristine beaches, Sardinia is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean. With the Italian mainland 200km away and Corsica just within your reach, the island is a popular destination for boaters but there are plenty of things to do in Sardinia both on and off shore.

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Top Destinations in Sardinia:

Find all the best spots to visit and things to do in Sardinia with our travel guide.

travel guide in sardiniaCosta Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda in North Sardinia is probably one of the most famous tourist highlights on the island. It’s name comes from the emerald coloured water surrounding the area. The coastal area contrasts between rugged rocks and sandy beaches and is one of the most exciting and luxurious spots on the island.

For those looking for sun, sea and hoping to catch a glimpse of A-list glamour, this is the place to be. Popular for sailing enthusiasts too – the Costa Smeralda hosts the yearly Rolex Swan Cup, a sailing regatta. 

From here set sail for the archipelago of La Maddalena just off the coast of Costa Smeralda and enjoy the peaceful lagoons and heavenly beaches.

Arbatax Red Rocksthings to do in Sardinia

Another highlight on the island of Sardinia is the red rocks in Arbatax. Every year thousands of tourists make the way to this small village to behold the red rocks.

The rocks glow red in the sun, contrasting against the green sea which makes it a great spot to drop your anchor. Spend the afternoon diving and swimming in the warm waters or you can even climb up onto the rocks to enjoy the sun.

Isola Tavolara

Rising up out of the sea, the Isola Travolara is a real sight to behold. The main draw for tourists to this little island is the white sand beaches, crystal water and peaceful surroundings. Climb up to the top of Travolara to see the incredible views of mainland Sardinia or wander down to the little cemetery where you can see the graves of Travolara’s kings.

Piazza Italia

Back on dry land, Sassari’s largest piazza and one of Sardinia’s most impressive spaces is the Piazza Italia. The Piazza is surrounded by 19th century buildings, including the neoclassical Palazzo della Provincia.

Sardinian Churches

Take a tour of the island and you will see that Sardinia is covered in old Roman and Byzantine churches. The San Saturno in Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital city, is one of the oldest churches in Mediterranean Rome.

San Giovanni in Assemeni is another historic church to visit on the island and has an important meaning in the Mediterranean, here you can see the oldest inscriptions from the Judicatus of Caralis.

The Santissimi Trinita di Saccargia is a building known for Roman architecture. The impressive facade of the church is black and white striped.

Sardinia national parksthings to do in sardinia

Sardinia is home to a number of national parks. Those who love to go out walking, climbing and wildlife spotting should visit one of the many parks.

The Monte Ortobene, a granite mountain, at it’s highest point stands at 955m above the island. On the top is a viewpoint which offers a great spot for a picnic.

The Monte Limbara, situated in the north of the island is one of the highest mountains in Sardinia. Its peaks are bare but the way up involves a trip through the forest. Parts of the mountain can be easily reached by car and at the top there are great trails for hiking.

At the Capo Testa, the most northern point on the island, there is a lighthouse offering a great view point. The granite rocks surrounding, shaped and molded by the wind are very impressive to view.

Ports in Sardinia:

  • Portus Karalis & Marina Sant‘Elmo
  • Marina del Ponte in La Maddalena
  • Porto Marana
  • Porto Touristco
  • Portoscuso Yachthafen

Getting hungry? 

Here are our favourite restaurants to visit on Sardinia.

Il Portolano

  • Mediterranean cuisine with attention to detail.
  • Via Molara 11; 07020 Porto San Paolo

Ristorante Kings

  • Traditional Sardinian cuisine in a modern ambiance.
  • Via Cavour 123 | Bastioni Marco Polo 5; 07041, Algher

Cucina Machri

  • Great local place with tasty food.
  • Via la Marmora 53; 09010, Pula

Agriturismo Sa Marighedda

  • Local dishes on an idyllic farm
  • Castiadas Cagliari; 09040, Castiadas

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