Croatia in 5 Mooring Spots : A Trip to Remember

Let’s set the scenery. This is Croatia, a country of 1,000 islands and even more wonders. No, you are not dreaming. On this part of the Croatian coast you have a wide range of options to dock your boat. We are passionate about sailing at Click&Boat, so we have done our best to find the best five anchor spots in Croatia!

Map of Croatia

The Croatian island that will take your breath away : Pucisca – Brac Island

Croatian beachOne hour by boat from Split and you are in Brac. Not far from Zlatni Rat, the famous beach for windsurfing lovers, featured at least once in the world’s top beaches. And speaking of beaches, the one in Supetar, horseshoe-shaped and mystifyingly beautiful, is waiting for you. It’s buzzing with energy in the summer when Bol, a seaside resort popular among Germans, becomes a paradise on earth. Pucisca is also on Brac. Its limestone rocks are famous all over the world, decorating no other public building than the White House in Washington and the parliaments in Vienna and Budapest. That’s amazing, right? And when it comes to sailing, you can always keep exploring – just look for an anchor sport at Pucisca on your way from Split to Hvar, the Croatian Saint-Tropez.

Location :Split-Dalmatie, South Croatia.

Access : sail with your own boat or hire one in Croatia, in Split, Trogir, Korcula, Bol, Hvar, Ploce, Sibenik.

Distance : 17 miles from Split, 25 miles from Korcula, 34 miles from Ploce.

The essential mooring spot in Croatia: Kamen Brela – Brela

1,000 islands with more anchor spots to choose from! We had to think hard to find the best ones! So let’s set the scene for our second winner. It’s at Makarska Riviera, a destination with a special allure. Located in an ideal position between Split and Dubrovnik and not far from the island of Brac, it has everything you need and more. Croatian beachYou see, in Croatia, hospitality is a way of life. To find out why, just visit Brela, a traditional Dalmatian village at the foot of the Biokovo Natural Park. Its leafy rock, Kamen Brela, is a Croatian landmark, and just another idyllic destination that could feature in your holiday album. And don’t forget the scenery: 6 kilometers of beaches (the one in Brela has already been ranked the most beautiful one in Europe!), lush vegetation, gourmet cuisine and crystal clear water that asks you to dive in. In other words: the anchor spot that reigns supreme.

Location : Split-Dalmatie, South Croatia.

Access : visit with your own boat or hire one from  Korcula, Trogir, Split, Ploce, Hvar, Sibenik, Bol (Brac).

Distance : 23 miles frok Split, 16 miles from Supetar (Brac), 31 miles from Trogir

Our favorite mooring spot in Croatia: Lubenice Beach (Sv.Ivan) – Cres Island

We want to share this with you, cause we have seen it with our own eyes. You see, we have asked the best experts on Croatia, and some locals too! They recommend the Lubenice beach on the island of Cres, the largest island in Croatia. Pula, Krk, Rijeka: these three marinas are good access points. Croatian beachThis legendary archipelago is even mentioned in the Greek myth of the Golden Fleece, brought to King Pelias by Jason. But let’s put aside ancient history for a while and focus on the present. There is a beach you shouldn’t miss: Sv. Ivan. It’s difficult to access it by land cause the path is steep, but that only makes it more attractive as a sailing destination, offering you a unique opportunity for a change of scenery. Just relax and enjoy the calmness around you at this idyllic, dreamlike place, ideal for anchoring.

Location : Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Northwest Croatia.

Access : Use your own boat or hire one from Pula, Umag, Krk, Rijeka, Rovinj, Bakar, Zadar.

Distance : 21 miles from Pula, 27 miles from Rijeka, 60 miles from Zadar.


The mooring spot that travels you back in time: Pomena – Mljet Island

16 nautical miles. This is the distance between Saplunara, the eastern tip of Mljet Island, and Dubrovnik, King’s Landing, if you switch to Game Of Thrones mode. Duvrovnik has become a place of pilgrimage for GOT fans. But let’s not get too excited. You can anchor just out of Pomena, an old fishing village that retains its authentic character despite its popularity among tourists. In Pomena, sailboats are kings, anchored as in a huge marina. Check out the salt lakes of the national park of Mljet. It’s the best part of the island for a quick visit and some fun too. But you can live like a local too. In one of the local taverns you can exchange views,with other bypassing seamen on the whims of the wind and the other elements. A subject idea? The beauty of St Mary’s Island, home to a 12th century Benedictine monastery.

Location : Dubrovnik-Neretva, South Croatia.

Access : Use your own boat or hire one from Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Ploce

Distance : 34 miles from Dubrovnik, 22 miles from Korcula, 54 miles from Vis.

The mooring spot that will pique your curiosity: Zut – Archipelago Kornati Kornati

We told you about Kornati in the first part of this series, dedicated to this country and its mesmerising beauty, ideal for sailing aficionados. Well, just go back to the archipelago and head for Zut. The city is uninhabited, but its marina, open from March to October, is just exceptional! On the island, you will feel like Robinson Crusoe, only you will know why you are there. And with good company too, as sailboats take refuge here when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Locals from Murter also come to Zut to enjoy the sunshine and on-site facilities for harvest – just try the local olives, figs and grapes! And don’t forget that no other Mediterranean archipelago is as dense as Kornati. With 147 islands and islets on the menu, the experience aboard a boat is mind-blowing! A trip to Zut, south of Zadar, is a good choice for a selfie that will inspire your friends to visit too!

Location : Šibenik-Knin, Central Croatia

Access : Use your own boat or hire one from Sibenik, Zadar, Split, Biograd na Moru.

Distance : 7 miles from Biograd na Moru, 15 miles from Zadar, 27 miles from Sibenik.

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