Green tourism will change boating forever

No industry can escape the long-term effects of climate change. Tourism is no exception, as mother nature and its immense beauty is the palette on which the sector thrives. The advent of green tourism is a response to this imminent crisis, aiming to make the art of travelling as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green boating is the future

Green boating comes in all shapes and sizes. Using as less fuel as possible is probably the greenest method of all to reduce your boat’s carbon footprint. This is why an increasing number of vessels these days use wind and water-powered generators or solar panels. However, it’s also important for boaters to protect the local marine life in places where this is vulnerable, such as the Great Barrier Reef when mooring in Australia; mooring in deep waters is one way to immerse yourself in the beauty of local ecosystems without harming them. Another way to go green is to use eco-friendly products to maintain or refit your boat, such as non-toxic cleaning products and paint.

green tourism

For yacht charter companies, it is important to ensure that renters are aware of these issues. In the case of skippered yacht charters, the captain and the rest of the crew are responsible for that, whereas bareboat renters can be informed via relevant leaflets and other material.

Click&Boat’s Pioneers of Green Tourism

Many yacht charter companies that list their boats on Click&Boat go the extra mile to protect the environment. One of them is Christianna Yachts, based in Athens, Greece. The gem on their fleet is Cosmos, a classic wooden ketch-style gullet available for crewed charters from Pireas. This pearl of a boat is as green as it gets, with renewable energy generated by photo voltaic batteries. The vessel has been refitted with local materials and reconditioned wood. Local workmanship was used to rebuild its hull and cabins, equipping the boat with the patina of old-style, classic shipbuilding. Lea Vonta, Director of Sales at Christianna Yachts, said: “We strive to have the minimum carbon footprint in all our charters. This is part of our commitment to future generations and to durable, clean yachting, with respect to nature.”

Gullet Athens

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As a part of its yacht charter services, the company offers food from organic, fair-trade and local sources, while the chef onboard uses seasonal, local produce purchased from the ports of call. The company also uses biodegradable cleaning products, puts emphasis on waste sorting and recycling, and avoids using single-use plastics on its boats. 

Another pioneer of green tourism on Click&Boat is Smart Sail Eco Charter, a Croatian yacht charter company founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Seget Donji, near Trogir. The company has a strong green focus, keeping carbon emissions at the absolute minimum and raising awareness on the region’s vulnerable marine life.  Through its charter activities, the company monitors impacts on the environment and uses eco-friendly primers, coating and cleaning products, as well as waste management methods.

sailboat Trogir

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Solar panels, the future of boating

Using solar panels is an up-and-coming method to reduce your boat’s energy costs and carbon footprint. Take for example this modern catamaran in Stockholm, equipped with solar panels. No noise and no pollution. Certainly the way of the future for the boating industry!

catamaran Stockholm

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