#NoPlasticChallenge: 10 Green Sailing Hacks

Click & Boat takes part in the second #NoPlasticChallenge, an initiative organised from 22 May to 5 June by the association No Plastic In My Sea and also endorsed by the French Sailing Federation. The goal is to promote the reduction of plastic use – by all means a noble cause!

Also a great opportunity to highlight the immense benefits of green sailing. Here is a list of things you can do to make your next boat trip a tad greener!

No plastic challenge

1) Use a hydro flask or a glass bottle, not plastic bottles

If you end up with a slew of empty bottles of water when you return to the harbour, it’s time to change tack. Using a flask or a glass bottle is more environmentally friendly and easier too. And while we are on it, let’s not use water when not absolutely necessary – it’s arguably the most valuable resource on planet earth.

2) Say no to plastic packaging

Our investor and ambassador François Gabart has endorsed a wonderful idea:  banning plastic packaging. No wonder why – he has seen loads of plastic waste while roaming the seven seas to break the world record for solo sailing around the world.

Gabart, Click&Boat ambassador and investor

3) No plastic straws, cutlery or caps

Arguably the most important goal of the No Plastic Challenge. Might be difficult to implement if you are used to the convenience of a plastic fork, but it’s definitely worth it!

4)  We love reusable bags

At home as on a boat, it’s always the same: plastic bags are a disaster for the environment. The perfect solution is to rely on reusable bags made of sustainable materials.

5) Avoid prepackaged food, shop locally

Yes, we all love seafood, especially when we are roaming the seven seas in Greece or the Balearic Islands. But we do enjoy oysters, mussels and prawns bought from local fishermen a tad more than prepackaged food. Nothing beats fresh fish cooked on a catamaran!


6) Sustainable clothing is the best option for green sailing

When synthetic fabrics end up in the water, it’s a disaster. It takes centuries for a simple T-Shirt to decompose. So why not opt for clothes made of sustainable materials?

7) A soap affair!

Soap beats shower gel big time when it comes to the environment. And it’s better for your skin too!

8) Natural baits, worms and all

If you are into fishing, you probably know already that natural baits are way better than plastic ones, and environmentally friendly too!

9) Use your vessel’s engine as little as possible

That’s a no-brainer for ecologically conscious boaters. You can use the engine to leave the harbour and for the occasional maneuver, but for the rest of the trip good old wind is more than enough, specially if you are on a sailboat like the one below.

Green sailing

10) Sort and recycle your waste

Sorting your waster on board is the first step to keep the ocean clean. At many harbours you can find recycling bins for different types of waste.

That’s just a short list of quick hacks to reduce your plastic footprint. Feel free to add yours to save our precious planet!

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